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Zach Even-Esh Underground Strength Review

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Zach-Even-Esh is the ultimate underground strength coach, he has a huge dedicated following and is very well known in the industry for his training methods, his regular writings for various well known fitness magazines and of course his never ending you tube videos!

Zach’s teaching styles really appeal to me; the man is 100% dedicated to his life as a strength coach but he goes further than that with a strong philosophical view of the mind and body and what ‘fitness` really means.

Look, let me tell you now, if you think that hooking up with one of Zach Even-Esh  Underground Strength courses will you a ripped body in a couple of weeks, then these courses aren’t for you, but then again I’m not sure any course will be for you!

Don’t get me wrong here, follow Zach’s strength training and in time you WILL get ripped just work with it and be realistic, I guess I am saying Zach Even-Esh isn’t one to fill you with false hype or BS, he is the real deal.

Zach offers a range of courses from online downloadable programs (fantastic value) in which he always goes out of the way to over deliver, to strength coach certification

With  Zach Even Esh and the Underground Strength team, don’t expect the usual training, yeah sure there are some routines that involve normal weights, but Zach is a huge fan of doing workouts with natural objects or heavy stuff you find laying around, like big old cylinders or sand bags, large rocks or heavy tree limbs. It’s all about using unstable objects that really challenge the body and push the core.

One thing though I really love about the whole Underground Strength set up is the use of often overlooked equipment such as ropes, and tyre flipping, body weight routines as a stand-alone work out.

You see Zach takes a totally different approach, he will push you and both physically and mentally, in a way he is kind of in your face but all in a good way, if you’re a wimp or want a fancy gym then you’re probably not cut out for this style of training but if you want to become kick ass both in the gym and in your life in general, then you need this, like now!!

With tons of blog posts and what seems like a never ending supply of videos to keep you fired up, training the Underground Strength coach way with Zack Even-Esh is a no brainer, you will definitely come out stronger, fitter and have a powerful mental attitude.


  1. I really like he idea of doing workouts with natural objects – it’s like “paleo bodybuilding” :)

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